About Us

Maples Fiduciary offers a comprehensive platform of services to traditional open and closed-ended investment funds, hedge funds and private equity vehicles. We also provide services to bankruptcy-remote structures and on balance sheet subsidiaries engaged in a wide variety of transactions including CDO and CLO vehicles, CP and note programmes, asset finance and all types of asset-backed securitisations.

Our clients include global financial institutions, institutional investors, investment managers, international corporations and private clients.

From our offices in Abu Dhabi, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Delaware, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Jersey, London, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore, our professionals work closely with our affiliate Maples and Calder, in addition to other leading international and domestic law firms, audit firms and other consultants and service providers.

Staffed by experienced professionals, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that our client companies comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements and that the necessary standards of corporate governance are adhered to.