Maples Fiduciary Services (Netherlands) B.V. was established in 2014 to complement our Cayman Islands, Ireland, Luxembourg and Delaware offices. It provides a full-service European solution for clients offering registered office, directors and full administration services to asset-backed SPVs and Netherlands holding companies.

Maples Fiduciary Services (Netherlands) B.V.
Registered in the Netherlands No. 60468521.
Registered office: Tower A, Level 12, Strawinskylaan 1209, 1077 XX Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Maples Fiduciary Services (Netherlands) B.V. is regulated by the Dutch Central Bank.

Netherlands Office

Maples Fiduciary Netherlands

work Tower A, Level 12
Strawinskylaan 1209

1077 XX Amsterdam

work +31 20 570 6810
work fax +31 20 808 0415