Why Delaware?

Why Delaware?

More than one million entities have made Delaware their home because of the state's business-friendly environment. Explore the many factors that have helped build Delaware's reputation as a preeminent jurisdiction for entity formation.

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Maples Fiduciary Delaware

Delaware has long been the premier state of formation for a variety of businesses and today, more than one million entities have made it their home because of its flexible and business-friendly legal and regulatory framework, well respected and specialized judicial system, and responsive and engaged government. Since 2011, Maples Fiduciary’s Delaware office has provided independent governance services (directors, general partner and member manager), accounting services, registered agency and administration services to investment funds and asset finance vehicles.

We bring an unmatched level of expertise that draws upon jurisdictional knowledge and experience and we  pride ourselves on partnering with, not just servicing, clients and strive to act as an extension of their in-house team with the goal of alleviating administrative and operational burdens to facilitate growth.

Why Delaware?

Delaware has long been the premier state of formation for a variety of businesses. As a result of its business-friendly environment, the state has enjoyed a steady increase in the number and sophistication of investment funds and asset finance vehicles formed under its law. Today, more than one million entities have made Delaware their home.

Explore the many factors that have helped build Delaware’s reputation as a preeminent jurisdiction for entity formation.

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Our Services

Drawing on more than two decades in the alternative funds industry, Maples Fiduciary has amassed a wealth of experience and has evolved in tandem with industry dynamics. This perspective and insight enables us to effectively guide our clients in navigating the complexities of today’s evolving business landscape.

The following is an overview of services provided by our Delaware office:

Directorships / Managers

  • Provide directors or managers in Delaware to corporations and limited liability companies (if required) with appropriate experience in investment funds, structured finance transactions and corporate entities; and
  • Provide independent directors or managers for bankruptcy remote special purpose entities.

Member Managers

  • Provide a managing member to limited liability companies.

General Partners

  • Provide directors to vehicles which can act as general partner to a Delaware limited partnership.

Permanent Office Solutions

  • Provide offices in Delaware for use by the client company;
  • Procure employees in Delaware to be contracted directly with the client company;
  • Facilitate mail delivery and forwarding;
  • Provide access to meeting rooms with A/V capabilities; and
  • Store corporate records.

Incorporation and Corporate Services

  • Provide incorporation services to companies resident in Delaware;
  • Provide name reservation services for companies or partnerships incorporated in Delaware;
  • Provide formation of Delaware LLCs or corporations as issuers, co-issuers or tax subsidiary vehicles for US CLOs with exposure to defaulted assets;
  • Provide registered agent services, ensuring Delaware annual returns are appropriately filed; and
  • Act as process agent in Delaware as required.

Statutory Trust Services

  • Serve as trust administrator to Delaware statutory trusts.

Agency Services

  • Provide independent escrow agent services; and
  • Act as collateral and/or security agent.

Accounting and Tax Compliance Services

  • Prepare US GAAP and IFRS consolidated accounts;
  • Provide daily or monthly corporate/management accounting where required;
  • Liaise with auditor(s), where applicable; and
  • Provide designated US based 'Partnership Representative' as required for US partnerships for tax purposes.

Company Secretarial and Corporate Services

  • Act as the named company secretary and registered office, maintaining the statutory registers, minute books and seals;
  • Provide meeting facilities and initiate and attend board of director and annual general meetings either via telephone or in person;
  • Prepare and distribute agendas, board packs, minutes and action items to relevant parties; and
  • Provide secure online access to entity data and board meeting material through our online portals, Maples eServices and Brainloop.

Co-Issuer Services

By engaging Maples Fiduciary in Delaware to provide an independent director (or manager) to a co-issuer, together with Maples Fiduciary in the Cayman Islands providing directors and share trustee to the parent CLO issuer, the following synergies are created:

  • The co-issuer name will be reserved free of charge in Delaware when the Cayman Islands issuer is incorporated;
  • The review process at closing becomes streamlined, with administration dealt with on a consolidated basis through dedicated client service teams in both Delaware and the Cayman Islands;
  • Our full service specialist Corporate Services team in Delaware will deal with all aspects of providing registered agent services and keeping the co-issuer in good standing. This includes use of our market leading Maples eServices online portal, an entity management system available 24/7, which provides unparalleled access to your entities' information seamlessly in both Delaware and the Cayman Islands, for no additional cost; and
  • Our co-issuer documentation templates offer a streamlined on-boarding process and mirror the terms of the Issuer documentation for ease of review.



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