MPMF Fund Management

MPMF Fund Management (Ireland) Limited ("MPMF") is a Central Bank of Ireland authorised alternative investment fund manager ("AIFM") and UCITS management company. MPMF provides services to alternative investment funds ("AIFs") and UCITS funds that meet the ongoing obligations under the AIFM Directive ("AIFMD") and UCITS regulation.

The MPMF Solution

MPMF provides flexible solutions to its clients through an experienced team which includes investment and risk management professionals and designated individuals with in-depth knowledge of finance and operations, regulatory and compliance matters. MPMF also utilises a combination of proprietary and industry leading technology for risk and regulatory reporting.

Our Services

Hosted Model

Under MPMF’s hosted model, MPMF will be appointed as the AIFM and/or UCITS manager and will:

  • maintain executive oversight of each of the funds under management and retain full responsibility for fund governance and compliance;
  • delegate certain aspects of the day-to-day management functions (e.g. portfolio management) in accordance with the optimum business solution for each client;
  • establish substance by retaining the risk management function as required under AIFMD;
  • maintain regulatory capital requirements as specified under AIFMD and UCITS; and
  • assign designated individuals, including a compliance officer and money laundering reporting officer.

Delegation Model

MPMF can also provide designated persons ("DPs"), to support a client’s own UCITS management company, AIFM, internally managed AIF or self-managed UCITS (together the "client companies"). These DPs have day-to-day responsibility for management functions and for monitoring, reviewing, reporting and escalating any issues to the board of the relevant client company.

MPMF's core delegation model is supplemented with the following:

  • Regulatory compliance: ensure adherence to all regulatory requirements and can provide a compliance officer where necessary.
  • Project management: dedicated on-boarding team responsible for agreeing operational flows and establishing lines of communication for escalation procedures; establish reporting requirements with each service provider for all management functions and review/implement the required delegation agreements.
  • Integrated risk and regulatory reporting: provide a technology platform including reporting on performance and risk analytics alongside regulatory reporting including daily UCITS risk reporting, AIFMD (Annex IV), FATCA and EMIR.
  • Substance: use of MPMF’s fund risk management team to act for the client companies own risk management function.
  • Functional support to fund board: provide resources and expertise to oversee protocols, procedures and committees for regular reporting to the fund board and investment manager, including escalation.


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