Accounting for Structured Finance Vehicles

Our objective is to offer superior services and provide technical expertise applicable to our client mandates with accounting, management and financial reporting requirements.

Our complete client accounting service includes:

Accounting and Corporate Services for Client Companies and Fund-Related Entities

  • Provide periodic bookkeeping services;
  • Prepare general ledger and trial balance reporting;
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual management reports;
  • Preparation of GAAP-compliant (full disclosure) financial statements;
  • Preparation of reporting packages in support of consolidation and tax requirements;
  • Assistance throughout the audit process with onshore or offshore based audit firms; and
  • Provide other corporate and back office services.

Calculation and Paying Agency for Client Companies and Fund-Related Entities

  • Calculation of interest, dividend and performance based amounts;
  • Preparation and circulation of related notices and/or waterfall statements;
  • Effecting payments in accordance with a stated priority of payments or waterfall statements; and
  • Providing authorised signatories on client company bank accounts.

Financial Statements Compilation for Client Companies and Investment Funds

  • Gathering of accounting information or ledgers from clients or service providers;
  • Collaboration in advance with directors and auditors on a general format of financial statements and discuss potential accounting, financials reporting and audit issues;
  • Ensuring that regulatory filing deadlines are met;
  • Liaising with service providers and directors for an efficient and seamless audit process;
  • Liaising with auditors to resolve audit queries; and
  • Monitoring applicable financial reporting changes and bring those to the attention of directors.


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