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Anti-money laundering ("AML") legislation imposes a requirement on the operators of funds and financial services companies to develop, implement and maintain policies and procedures which adequately address the risks posed by money laundering and terrorist financing. This can include the appointment of a money laundering reporting officer, the appointment of a compliance officer and the implementation of an internal audit programme. For many operators, the most practical solution will often be to outsource the AML procedures to a service provider who can discharge the AML obligations efficiently and effectively.

MaplesFS offers a risk-based, cost-effective AML that can be tailored to meet the AML requirements of individual clients. This can include:

  • provision of a money laundering reporting officer;
  • provision of a compliance officer;
  • managing the suspicious activity reporting process;
  • acting as an ongoing liaison with local regulators, competent authorities or other regulatory or investigative agencies;
  • delivery of AML training; and
  • provision of an annual AML inspection that is designed to test and evaluate an internal AML programme and related controls.


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