Insurance Management

MaplesFS provides a truly comprehensive approach to insurance management by delivering a full range of services via a global team of professionals. Our service offering seamlessly combines accounting, fiduciary, administration, corporate, company secretarial and board support and regulatory and compliance services to create a best-of-breed solution for insurance entities.

With the backing of the robust operating model and infrastructure of the Maples group, MaplesFS can provide the highest level of support to our clients that lasts the life span of their insurance entities from formation and ongoing management to regulatory compliance and liquidation.

As the principal representative of the licensee, we work closely with the members, board of directors, executive management and internal and external service providers of our clients to ensure their company is in good standing with all regulatory requirements at all times.

The following is an overview of services provided by our insurance management team:

  • Provide incorporation or formation services;
  • Assist with business plan;
  • Provide registered office;
  • Prepare compliance and regulatory filings; 
  • Act as corporate secretary; 
  • Provide voluntary and in certain instances; and 
  • Provide independent board directors.

For further information on our services, please contact:

Guy Major
+1 345 814 5818

Lesley Thompson
+1 345 814 5814


Cayman Islands

Maples Fiduciary Cayman Islands
Peter Huber
work +1 345 814 5728
Maples Fiduciary Cayman Islands
Guy Major
work +1 345 814 5818


Maples Fiduciary Cayman Islands
Guy Major
work +1 345 814 5818


Maples Fiduciary Singapore
Hugh Thompson
work +65 6436 6911


Maples Fiduciary Dublin
Stephen O'Donnell
work +353 (0)1 697 3244
Maples Fiduciary Dublin
Pádraic Doherty
work +353 (0)1 697 3238

Hong Kong

Maples Fiduciary Hong Kong
Charlie Sparrow
work +852 3523 7801


Maples Fiduciary Luxembourg
Tom Davies
work +352 26 68 62 33


Maples Fiduciary Netherlands
Jan Hendrik Siemssen
work +31 20 570 6820


Maples Fiduciary Singapore
Hugh Thompson
work +65 6436 6911